There are many signs and symptoms that one should look out for when recovery is in the midst. Long after an individual has stopped using drugs, there will still be the risk of relapse. This risk doesn’t ever actually go away so it’s important to be on the lookout for the possible signs of an addiction relapse.

If you or someone you love is an addict in recovery, pay close attention to these potential signs that there is an eminent relapse:

Relapse PreventionChanges in Attitude

One of the primary signs of an addiction relapse is a change in attitudes. Often times, the attitudes and lifestyles of an individual will change dramatically when in recovery.

Just like these attitudes change in recovery, they can quickly change for the worse if relapse is on the midst. Drug recovery is a life-long challenge and simple changes in the attitudes that an individual has towards drugs or alcohol could be a sign of potential relapse.

Increased Stress Levels

If you’ve noticed that your stress levels are extremely high lately there could be a risk of problems occurring. Increased stress levels at work, home or school can often lead to relapse.

Not all stress is the potential for relapse but any time that stress is increased there is a subsequent increase in the risk of relapse occurring. It’s important to be careful and weary of stress and, if you notice stress levels growing, to seek help and ease the effects.

Withdrawal Symptoms Coming Back

Often times we can go years without feeling a single withdrawal symptom and then all of a sudden a post-acute withdrawal symptom will reappear. If you’ve been in recovery for quite a while and withdrawal symptoms seem to be reappearing, you may be in need of some additional counseling or support to prevent relapse from occurring.

Structure Changes or a Lack of

One of the primary components that we all get so accustomed to once sober is structure. Waking up at a normal time, going to work or school, caring for a family and otherwise having a structure in life.

If structure begins to change dramatically or if there is a loss of structure there is a risk of relapse occurring. You may begin to start sleeping in more, neglecting personal hygiene more or otherwise not caring for yourself the way you normally would.

Feeling Like You’re Out of Options

Do you feel as if you have nowhere else to turn?

When you’re feeling down and out and you’ve started to have thoughts as if there is nowhere but to go back to drugs or drinking, it’s time to seek help. A major sign of relapse is associated with the feelings of guilt or discomfort that come when you feel like you have nowhere else to turn or to go.


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