Although alcohol abuse is often mistaken with alcoholism, alcohol abusers have the ability to control their alcohol habits to a certain extent. Nonetheless, people abusing alcohol take it in amounts that are either dangerous to their health or to their close associates. Dial 800-234-8334 if you are in need of help with alcohol abuse signs to be connected with one of our trained counselors.

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

Watch out for when you realize that an individual who used to be very responsible has started neglecting their responsibilities at work, home, and school to get involved in drinking. Flunking classes, poor performance, skipping commitments, and neglecting children are observed in many alcoholics. They may start showing financial strain, since they spend most of their money buying alcohol.

You should be aware of when an individual is abusing liquor in case they are using it in situations that are dangerous, such as when driving or operating machinery. There are some medications that prohibit the patient to take alcohol. Mixing alcohol with prescription medication is a drinking addiction, since the patients may suffer from dangerous health consequences.

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

If an individual has been getting into legal problems as a result of continued alcohol abuse, this is a warning that they are an alcoholic and may need help. Examples of common legal issues experienced include driving under the influence and drunk and disorderly arrests.

Alcohol abusers continue drinking even when they know their loved ones will be upset. Many patients experience relationship problems since they continue drinking with their buddies and their loved ones are upset with their behavior. Others are involved in fights with their families, since they loathe their behaviors when they are drunk.

If you realize that someone starts drinking every time they have a stressful day, quarrel with their boss or spouses, those individuals are abusing alcohol. Many people entangled in alcohol abuse start taking it in the initial stages for distressing and relaxation. Extended alcohol addiction leads to alcoholism. This makes it essential to take care of the problem in the initial stages, before the patient becomes a full blown alcoholic.

Another alcohol addiction symptom is dedicating a lot of time to drinking while compromising issues that mattered to them. If you realize that you spend a lot of time contemplating drinking instead of being with your family or recovering from its effects, you should seek help 800-234-8334.

If it is causing health issues on the patient such as ulcers, withdrawal effects, liver cirrhosis, stress, depression, etc., but the patient is still consuming alcohol, they are victims of abuse. Liquor extremely dangerous when taken by patients with poor health, so it is essential for patients to take the right precautions at the right time.

People who “binge drink” occasionally are likely to be alcohol addicts. A person taking more than four drinks if they are female, or five in the case of males, in one sitting occasionally are victims of alcohol abuse. They may take excessive amounts and black out and cannot remember what they did or talked about when they were drunk. These would be some more alcohol addiction signs.

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