Alcohol addiction signs are hard to detect, since it is possible for a patient to abuse alcohol and not be dependent on it. They have certain control of alcohol, unlike alcohol addicts. The following is a list of things you should look for:

If you realize that individuals are taking larger amounts of alcohol than they can handle, that is one alcohol abuse symptom to watch out for. Patients are often charged with offenses such as being drunk and disorderly after taking larger quantities of alcohol than they can handle.

If you have an alcoholic family member who is a blood relative, you are at a greater risk of abusing liquor. Alcoholism is attributed to genetic predispositions, making these people more vulnerable to abusing alcohol. If you also associate with people who abuse alcohol, you are at great risk of getting entangled in the habit.

Among the main things you should consider include how you live, people you associate with, ease of obtaining alcohol, level of stress, and your cultural background. Stressed people, associating with heavy drinkers and with the ability to obtain alcohol easily, are at a greater risk of starting to abuse it. These patients need help to enable them to avoid falling victim of an addiction to drinking.

Facts About Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

There is a misconception that alcohol addiction is a solely a problem of people who drink often or are physically dependent on it and need some type of alcoholic treatment center. However, you might drink once in a while but still possess an alcohol-based problem. In fact, many people abusing alcohol have full control of their beer or liquor consumption, only they misbehave when under influence, such as engaging in dangerous sexual activities.

You will also be abusing alcohol if you start neglecting the basic needs of your family and missing work. Being hung over is one of the common alcohol addiction symptoms with many people. They may be incapable of going to work or attending classes. This leads to a drastic deterioration of performance. Unemployment is a common problem, since some lose their jobs because they are incapable of maintaining their performance.

Other signs include consuming alcohol when you are facing health conditions such as pregnancy, taking prescription medication that can interact with alcohol, or if you are suffering from conditions that can be enhanced by alcohol, like liver cirrhosis. This is classified as abusing alcohol, because you will be putting your life at risk.

Another common alcohol abuse sign is drinking in situations that place an individual at risk. The main situations are operation of machinery and driving. Statistics indicate that thousands of people lose their lives on the road as a result of addiction. Industry workers suffering from drinking problems also get injured at work by the machines, since it lowers their wits.

People engaged in binge drinking deny they have a problem with alcohol abuse, while the truth is that they need help. Binge drinking refers to taking large amounts of in a short time, often in spurts every few days. A small amount of alcohol is healthy for the body, but large quantities are dangerous. Unusually high tolerance is another of the alcohol addiction signs to keep an eye out for.

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