When alcohol is used in moderate amounts, it can help one develop good health. However, when one starts taking uncontrolled amounts to the extent that it harms their health, this is alcohol abuse. In the initial stages, patients start drinking for fun but it later develops into a habit for coping with stressful situations. Alcohol addiction can be treated, especially when patients seek treatment before the habit escalates to detrimental levels. The following are some of the main addiction signs you should look out for.

Coping With Stress – Be warned that an individual is drinking too much if they do it to cope with stress. Patients often take it to deal with day-to-day challenges, such as an argument with their spouse, boss, etc., to regain peace of mind. Watch out for the behavior and comments of the patients, such as saying they need drinks to cope with daily stress or catch some sleep. Other people take alcohol to start their day-to-day activities.

How To Spot Alcohol Addiction

Dangerous Behaviors – Another common alcohol abuse symptom you should look out for is the patient getting engaged in risky behaviors. People struggling with alcohol addiction are likely to start driving when under the influence. This places both the patient and other road users at risk of injury. You should also look out for other risky behaviors, such as engaging in risky sex, hanging out with strangers, going to dangerous places, etc.

Financial Crisis – People abusing alcohol will also try various means to finance their habit even when they have no money to take care of their responsibilities. Some common shortcuts taken to pay their bills is using credit cards and saving cash for buying liquor and beer, taking salary advances, borrowing from fiends, and stealing. The financial strains can be seen in later stages, when the patients start defaulting bill payments.

Personal Hygiene – Some other alcohol addiction signs are when a person who is drinking too much becomes obsessed with getting it to the extent that they don’t care about their personal appearance. They transform from a sharp appearance to looking like they just left their bed. The patients often wear dirty outfits in addition to their neglected appearance.

Secretive – If a person has suddenly become secretive and is preventing you from going to their place, they are likely trying to keep the truth away from you that they are abusing drugs or alcohol. They are also likely to be offended by the topic regarding alcohol abuse. Patients may pretend and claim not to have touched beer or liquor for a long time, while the truth is that they take it on a regular basis.

Changed Behaviors – The patients look for new friends who they will be comfortable with when drinking together. Be warned if a person is pushing your friendship away to be with other people. If the new group or people they are associating with alcoholics, this should even be stronger evidence that your loved one is entangled in alcohol addiction. Their mind is obsessed with taking alcohol to the extent that they are likely to show up at work or liven up their day by consuming alcoholic beverages. These are a few things to watch out for.

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