Moderate alcohol consumption is acceptable in modern society, since it has a positive impact on the health of the patients. Champagne toasts at weddings, friends sharing a bottle of wine at dinner, or sipping on a drink when watching college football are just some of the constructive ways that people consume alcohol to symbolize pleasure. However, drinking becomes abuse when it starts affecting individuals negatively.

There is a common myth that only alcoholics abuse alcohol, but it is possible for a person who takes booze once per month to be suffering from abuse. People abusing alcohol have the ability to control consumption, unlike alcoholics, who have no control whatsoever over how much they’re drinking. However, alcoholics do usually go way overboard with their drinking.

The fact that people abusing alcohol have control over their drinking habits does not make them safe, since if their habits are not controlled in time, they will escalate to addiction levels. Many alcoholics who start drinking for the purposes of pleasure, later become victims of addiction.

The Truth About Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

Many people are reluctant to seek professional help, since they may not even discover they or their loved ones are showing addiction signs. The symptoms of abuse are mainly conspicuous with alcoholics. However, if you discover that someone is engaging in dangerous activities when under the influence that puts their life and that of others at risk means they are abusing alcoholic beverages. Common behaviors that put both the patient and others at risk include driving under influence and drinking when pregnant.

Not many patients accept they are displaying alcohol addiction signs until the problem gets out of hand. Such patients can be compelled to seek treatment through alcohol abuse interventions. The intervention should be done professionally by letting the patients understand the problems they are facing and problems they may experience if they fail to seek treatment.

Some patients are in denial about their problems because they believe that homeless beggars hanging around liquor stores are the ones who are the addicts. However, people drinking to the extent that it affects their life negatively are also abusing alcohol. If it’s spoiling your social life or making you experience financial strains, consider seeking professional help 800-234-8334. If people are complaining about your unpleasant drinking habit, such as misbehaving and taking unnecessary risks, you are showing signs of alcohol abuse and you need help to overcome the problem.

There are many people who get involved in binge drinking and still maintain that they are not an addict. Binging is especially common in parties. Statistics show that millions of people and at least 80,000 patients die in the US annually from over consumption of alcohol. Binge drinking makes the patient vulnerable to alcohol poisoning.

Although it is impossible to cure alcoholism, in its early stages it can be successfully cured with the right level of support and encouragement. The treatment process includes integration of psychological and physiological therapy. Support from family and loved ones is also crucial to help in retaining the sobriety of the patient.

Do you suffer from short term memory loss after consuming alcoholic beverages? This is one of the most common alcohol abuse symptoms. Both liquor and beer can make you forget about what you said or did and when your friends narrate the events you did, you are seriously baffled by them.

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