When you have a good understanding of alcohol abuse symptoms, you can spot the warning signs in yourself and other people suffering from alcohol addiction fairly easily. Firstly, it is essential to understand that alcoholism and alcohol abuse are two different things. The latter can be cured, but alcoholism can only be treated.

Alcoholics can also not control their drive to drink, while abusers have some control since they are not really dependent on it. Abuse often escalates into alcoholism when not addressed in the initial stages. Read on for the main addiction signs that should warn you that you or someone else could be drinking too much.

People abusing beer and liquor are not dependent usually, but take large quantities that put their lives at risk. The frequency of drinking may be once per week, month, or even annually. However, the patient will engage in a lot of risky habits, such as binge drinking, so they are still placing their lives at risk.

What Are Alcohol Abuse Symptoms?

People that are pregnant or taking prescription drugs that can interact with alcoholic beverages and cannot drink or else put their lives at risk. Sometimes they are affected by a strong drive that makes them continue consuming alcohol although they are aware of the great health risks it has.

Patients with no ability to control their consumption are victims of abusing it. These people consume it in large quantities that can make them lose their memory. Drunken people often engage in strange behaviors and look confused when you remind them about what they said or did. The patients lose short-term memory since they were acting under the influence, when their reasoning ability was reduced.

People who use alcohol when they are upset or stressed are victims of abusing alcohol. It is common to find people drinking because they have quarreled with their spouse or they had a rough day. Since the stress will be there after the alcohol influence wears put, the patient will most likely drink more to feel stress-free.

Another common alcohol abuse symptom is a person who continues taking alcohol despite the fact that their loved ones are against the habit. Several people have broken relationships after failing to stop for their spouse.

If someone becomes violent and unreasonable after taking alcohol, this is another alcohol addiction signs. Research has shown that there are some people who become aggressive and quarrelsome after consuming alcoholic beverages. They pick bar brawls and domestic fights, which can destroy their social life.

Beware of people who start neglecting their personal responsibilities. For example, the neglect their families and work since most of their time is spent in drinking sprees. The average performance of the individual either at work or school falls drastically.

If you have also realized that you are often getting into difficulties after drinking alcohol, this is a sign that you are abusing it. Examples of these common alcohol abuse symptoms include DUI and drunk and disorderly conduct fines. It’s advisable that you find treatment for alcohol abuse if you’re struggling.

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