If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol and needs help, you’re probably wondering where you should begin. The decision to get help is often plagued by a fear of the unknown, a fear of rejection or a fear of being frowned upon for being weak or otherwise incompetent. Unfortunately, too many people suffer from dire consequences as a result of their drug addiction and a lack of knowledge as to where they should, and can, get help.

There are many places that provide drug rehab help including:

  • Hospitals
  • Community programs
  • Support groups
  • Online forums
  • Court or legal systems
  • Doctors

If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs and in search of help, consider talking with your local community advocate about the drug rehab programs and support groups that may be offered in your area. It’s important to realize that you are not alone in your fight against addiction and that you should not forgo help simply because you don’t want others to think poorly of you—the days of considering addiction a weakness or lack of self-control are over.

When you decide to get help for addiction, you’ll need to choose where you should go for help. If you choose rehab, there are many other concerns that will come up such as cost, budget, insurance, location, length of treatment, type of treatment, medications or medical care and many other factors.

Make sure that you get help at a drug rehab that will take your needs and considerations into account when providing you with quality, safe and effective treatment and care—this means that the drug rehab will need to tailor a program specifically to meet your needs rather than use a one-size-fits-all approach.

Various types of drug rehab can be found throughout the country including inpatient and outpatient programs which provide medical care, counseling, therapy and other means of support. It’s important to know that you may not find the right help at first and that relapse is a common scenario with addiction as it is with other diseases. If you do relapse, you should do your best to pick up the pieces of your recovery and begin where you left off or as close to it as possible.

Overcoming drug addiction is a difficult and long-term process that doesn’t just happen overnight. You will have to be committed to getting help and to learning how to stay sober and you will have to be committed to making lifestyle changes that will help you to maintain your sobriety. The choices that you make even after you complete treatment will have a major impact on your continued sobriety and your sustained recovery—but there is hope and there is help!



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